• Laura Marshall

First Christmas! - Eight Months

My sister in law said to me that once they turn 6 months it goes quickly and boy was she right! I'm a little disappointed I didn't setup any Christmas studio to take Reese portrait this month but I was too busy living! Being present! Reese changed so much this month, she went from a baby to glimpse of child and personality forming. She got her two bottom teeth (and they are adorable!) and she also started crawling and now she wont stop! I did get one photo of the three of us in our matching pjs (which I found Christmas Eve night, thank you Target!).

Learning to crawl couldn't happen at a better time because she was totally in love with opening the gifts and playing with the wrapping paper! She is also becoming the little explorer and I am keeping Amazon busy with finding new things I need to baby proof.

The day after Christmas we traveled down to the Charlottesville area. Reese was a trooper in the car and was either sleeping or playing gleefully in the backseat. We visited a sweet family and dropped off some of Reese's cloths and gear. After that visit we scooted over to my sisters house to visit Reese's cousin Madalyn, who is only two weeks younger then Reese!

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