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It's Finally Arrived - ONE YEAR.

Well here we are one year! Giving an update each month has felt like I have been counting down to something, like something major was going to happen at One Year. And for the sake of Reese and our family, it's mostly the same.

Since we have returned from our road trip we have mostly just been staying at home. Reese has not return to daycare and Chad and I are working from home. Though living through this pandemic is very scary, the time home together has been such a treat. Over the last few weeks Reese has blossom into this little toddler. She is walking/running everywhere and she is really understanding directions. If we ask her to bring us something or give something back she gets it. And most of the time...she listens. With her adventurous spirit and love for walking/running we have already experienced a black eye, bloody nose and a couple other random bruises. I swear we try to prevent it but she is creative when it comes to getting hurt.

A couple days before Reese's birthday, our anniversary, her Nana & Papi drove up to visit! We actually have the same wedding anniversary of March 30th. 7 years for us and 24 years for them! During our visit we of course kept 6ft away... they dropped off Reese's gifts, chatted, lots of waving from Reese and then read an anniversary poem to Chad and I (its along the lines of "roses are red, violets are blue").

The next day we did her One Year portraits. I had a vision in my head to have a bunch balloons setup outside and have Reese placed in the middle in her beautiful dress. Well while we inflated the balloons Chad and I both had work calls that couldn't wait, which meant Reese getting frustrated that we couldn't pay attention to her which meant we got frustrated. So when we started our portraits we were all a little stressed out. Plus it was windy. So all the balloons we just blew up just blew away and popped. But still, a pretty little girl and in a pretty little dress still makes for some gorgeous portraits.

So that evening, I drank about 4 diet cokes and stayed up until midnight finishing up layering her cake and putting a crumb coat on it, decorating our dining room for the virtual birthday party and washing her birthday outfit! I was super proud my creativeness when it came to making a cake topper and putting together a balloon wall!

Reese slept so good that night and woke up jumping her bed smiling! Chad and I ran in singing happy birthday and smothering her with kisses. She got dressed and my goodness, her hair in space buns is one of my favorite hair styles to do.

We have about 20 of our family and friends join us on the video call. I will say, Reese did not ravage the cake as I thought she would. She just kept picking off the blueberries and dipping her fingers in the icing. This girl can get spaghetti sauce all over herself but the one time we want a baby covered in food is the time she wants to be neat. And yes, the cake did taste just as good as it looked! Vanilla cake with blueberry preserves, yummm!

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