• Laura Marshall

Oh Boy! Eleven Months

Now that Reese is walking that is ALL SHE WANTS TO DO. Walk around and carry things. Her personality is shining through more and more each day. She loves music and dancing. She has become a little more clingy and when I say that I mean she simply wants you to be near her for the random hug when she is playing. When we lay down on the floor in her room she will run over, pull up our shirt and start smacking our back or belly (thanks to her Dad for teaching that).

She likes to go over to her windows and look out them while chewing on the window sill (teething, am I right?) haha. Also turning her humidifier off and on is a must.

We took our first road trip this past week! Down to Mississippi to visit some sweet friends of ours. We had a great plan in place. Split the drive up into two days, stop in Chattanooga TN on the way down, go to the Tennessee Aquarium and then spend time in Mississippi, day trip to New Orleans and then on the way home stop in Knoxville. Well we got to stop in Chattanooga and go to the Aquarium but during our travels is when more confirm cases of the COVID-19 blew up! But we still enjoyed our time while sanitizing our hands every 5 minutes. Reese was a little overwhelmed at first but once we let her out of the stroller she loved running up to the fishes and trying to touch them (she may have bumped her head on the glass a couple times).

Once we made it to Mississippi, we visited the Abita Brewery. Which I had no idea it was in an adorable little town called...wait for it.... Abita. The weather was perfect and drinking great beer and eating some delicious southern food was such a treat!

Then that evening we enjoyed eating some smoked pork and shrimp out on the back porch as the sunset. like seriously, this property is so gorgeous.

We spent our last day relaxing. Going to park and checking out groceries stores to find supplies we knew they were already out in Virginia. These girls loved the bubbles and swinging!

Im obsessed how much Arabella loved the bubbles, look at that smile!

And of course that evening we put Reese in her best cameo onesie and she went for ride in the side by side. I of course just wanted to take advantage of the beautiful lighting ha!

We came home a day early and on the way home instead of a two day drive we drove all night and got home by noon the next day. Which I will say, was exhausting for us driving but was wonderful to have Reese sleep the entire time being in the car. Highly recommended! Now we are quarantined and this post is way too long.

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