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She's here! Reese Paige Marshall

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Born April 1, 2019 at 3:15pm

8lbs 14oz 21inches

Reese Paige Marshall. Reese was inspired by my sister-in law Jenna, who was going to name her third baby Reese if he was a girl, which is was not. And don't worry I asked permission! Paige is my middle name, I just always loved my middle name and really wanted to pass it on. I wish I would have gotten more photos with my DSLR but I did what I could and Chad was great at trying to figure it out!

The following are pictures of a newborn! I know with all that hair she looks like she's 6 month old, but she was still so tiny!

I tired to do those really pretty newborn photos. I made sure to feed her so she was "milk drunk" got all my props and studio setup, put her down to pose her and BAM those eye opened right away and she was not thrilled with me.

Also, any photos with her eye close is her fake sleeping! Funny girl! She was also all about her hands. Always in her mouth.

Look at those little eyes peaking through. This was later in the day after we had gotten home. She was sleeping in a bouncer in the living room. The lighting was so perfect and she was sleeping peacefully. I also just loved this teddy bear sleeper.

These are the few pictures Chad took with my camera when we were in the hospital. It did a great job and I am thankful he did it. He knew how much it meant to me. In addition, since I was on pain medicine its sometimes hard to remember every detail. So having these images helps me bring myself back to those few days as a new mom. I am not going to lie, we let her go to the nursery whenever she was sleeping so we could sleep. Looking back its a whole lot more then what I would do now. But it did help us get some sleep. Plus we knew she was good hands.

That face is a man who was tired of me taking pictures, I can hear him now "Seriously?"

My mother in law was our first visitor. She had stay at our house the night before to take care of the dogs and happened to be shopping around Leesburg that afternoon when Reese was born. Reese was so alert, just staring and taking it all in.

My Mom and Dad were right behind her, they came up from Florida the day before waiting for Reese to arrive. I was much more comfortable (and looking forward) to visitors more then I expected. Its so interesting to look back on their reactions. My Mom was instantly setting herself up to hold Reese, while my Dad was inspecting the room, making sure I was comfortable and ensuring everyone coming through the door had wash their hands.

I love how in this photo is when Reese started crying! My father in-law & mother in-law had been there for a while and Reese was fine. But as soon as we try and get a picture she wants to be sassy.

Chad's sister Jenna came the next day. Since Jenna has three boys she was great about being caution of what perfume/lotion she may have. Reese was looking a little yellow in this, she was combs positive when she was born but the jaundice quickly flushed out of her system after a couple days. Its funny, when I look at these photos I remember her pointing out that the newborn sleeper she was in was too small, I had no idea! I was such a newbie!

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